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"The debate with Zaid Hamid" , our new azaan to defend this Pak Sarzameen, Ummat e Rasul (sm) and its ideological frontiers. These must be spread to the entire Muslim world, on all sites, blogs and pages where Muslims and good non-Muslims are present to make them understand the cause, reasons, factors and the evils players behind the wars within the Muslim Middle East. These are ground breaking programs and inshAllah will create and shape history.

Our volunteers have made this FB page where all previous and present programs will be uploaded inshAllah. Use this database well.

Also visit the FB pages and websites of DIN news and PJ Mir as well as Neemum Nawab and write to them and appreciate them for this great initiative. Encourage them and support them. InshAllah, these programs will also be available on their wbesite and also in live streaming.

We have given the azaan. It is your duty now to spread to the entire nation and within the entire Ummah ! Now go to your battle stations and do your duty.

The Debate with Zaid Hamid (Urdu Programs) The Debate with Zaid Hamid (English Programs)
Alhamdolillah our new current affairs program on DIN News where we give our analysis on national security policy and internal and external threats to Pakistan as well as solutions to bring Pakistan out of the current crises. The main crisis we are facing today is the crisis of leadership. Our leaders are incapable of identifying the problems so how can they rectify them? We don't need Anglo-Saxon Laws, Democracy or Dictatorship in this Medina-e-Sani which was created in the name of Islam. The whole political and judicial system needs to be revamped according the spiritual ideology of Pakistan. InshaAllah it will be!

Khair inshaAllah

Alhamdolillah, this is a major breakthrough in Pakistan’s media history – a Geo-political program in English on a private channel explaining, exposing and attacking the global Geo-politics of the 21st century. The first English program will be aired Sunday night inshAllah, would deal at strategic levels the project for new American century and the grand strategic objectives of the US foreign policy.

This is a must watch program, not just for the Muslim world but also fro the entire humanity which is suffering under the new world order driven by the neo-Con Zionists. Alhamdolillah, we attack and destroy their propaganda lies against the Muslim world and humanity.

Do not miss. DIN News at 8 PM, InshAllah. Debate with Zaid Hamid.

Khair inshAllah.

The main crisis we are facing today (13th Sep 2013)
The Real Game (15th Sep 2013)
Pakistan's relations with India (14th Sep 2013)
CIA's war in Afghanistan
The flaws of our current political system & an alternate politcal model for Pakistan (20th Sep 2013)
Can Pakistan and India ever be friends?
Current Govt's Economic Policies, IMF, and Pakistan's future (21st Sep 2013)
Pakistan's Foreign Policy
The Education system of Pakistan (27th Sep 2013)
US Economic Collapse
The Juditial System of Pakistan
4th Generation War
We are losing the 4th Generation war
CIA deploying sectarian wars as an axis of 4th Generation War
The subversive media of Pakistan
Mistakes of the past & the New COAS
Henry Kessinger's food genocide plan
What should be political future of Pakistan ?
Global Water Wars
Quaid's vision for Pakistan
150 days of Nawaz government
Pak Army's response strategy to India's Cold Start doctrine
The new army chief and challenges he must face
Water wars between India & Pakistan
Fazlullahs sppointment, CIA, threats to NS govt
Pak Iran Turkey Power Block
Battle between Media houses and the role of media against Pakistan
Rise of Hindu Zionists in India
CIA sponsored sectarian wars in Muslim lands
The final battle has begun...
The New COAS
NATO evacuation, Rise of Modi and the threats from 5th GW
Accountability of Judiciary and new CJ
The entire US / Indian plan to dismember Pakistan
Iftikhar Chaudhery and Missing persons case
The time has come to declare US an enemy State (English)
Pakistan Army as ideological and geographic guardian of Pakistan
Pakistan's foreign policy and national security policy analysis (English)
The reality of Pakistan's defeat in East Pakistan
The entire threat matrix of Pakistan on internal and external security axis
The Politics if agitation and future of NS govt
The entire threat matrix of Pakistan on internal and external security axis
Bangladesh Govt, Sikh rebellion and Pak Army
The strategy of Khawarij, peace talks drama, CIA's info war against Pakistan and the role of Judiciary against Pak army
The secret of glory as explained by our beloved Baba Iqbal
Musharraf trial, Talks with Khawarij and critical national and regional security
Who sold our rivers to the enemies?
The entire axis of threat and war against Pakistan and future of democracy in these times of chaos and confusion.
The implosion of State and opposition policies Politics of protests & the sinister aspect of the Polio campaign!
The mistakes of 2013 and their fall out in 2014

An honest inquiry about Dr TUQ's strategy to bring revolution.


The conspiracy against our national language
Altaf Hussain in trouble, N.Waziristan Operation and Nawaz Sharif’s visit to India
The final show down begins in Karachi
The 4th generation war enters its final phase
Rise of Hindu Nazis in India poses threat for entire Asia  
North Waziristan operation (Part 1)  
North Waziristan operation (Part 2)  
We have been autioned to the dogs of hell  
We have been auctioned to the dogs of hell (Part 2)  
Shameless drama of Loony toones in the name of peace talks  
US conspiracy to separate Baluchistan from Pakistan  
The time is up!  
Time has come to declare US an enemy State  
Khawarij and their filthy supporters vs Pakistani State  
Building Strategic Alliances and Aggressive Diplomacy  
Analysis of National Security Policy and our Leadership Crises  
External threats to Pakistan and their solutions  
Khawarij plans and future threats  
It is now Saudi Arabia's turn?  
Why Pakistan army is being targeted?  
Regional geo-politics, sectarian wars and tussle between Saudi arabia, Iran and Bahrain  
Ideology of Pakistan Revived, 23rd March Special  
The strategy of Khawarij, peace talks drama, CIA's info war against Pakistan and the role of Judiciary against Pak army  
How long will Pak Army wait?  
Ghazwa e Hind, Pak Army's new official doctrine  
Govt is out with daggers against army, Khwaja Asif crucified  
Govt support of terrorism & Modi's plans for Pakistan  
Confrontation between Army and govt  
Religion and the State  
Geo, the media warfare arm of Raw in Pakistan  
Where did General Raheel go wrong in his first address to the nation?  
The entire axis of 5th generation war
The army to take the matters into its own hands !  
 Protests by PTI and PAT and Biological war on Pakistan  

The politics of agitation and the rise of Hindu Zionists !!  
A candid analysis of policies of IK and Dr. TUQ  

The final battle will be in Karachi !


Attacks by TTP, North Waziristan Operation and Suspension of Geo News

A candid, detailed and incisive analysis on Karachi attacks  
North Waziristan Operation and return of Dr. TuQ  
Lahore massacre and fate of Nawaz govt  
Pakistan army's war against Congressi Deobandi Khawarij   

Constitutional Failure in Pakistan  
Destroying the Narrative of Kawarij  
The 4th & 5th Generaton war to redraw maps  
Political chaos in Pakistan & Modi's war hysteria  
Statement of Ather Abbas & Zarb e Azb  
Ghazwa-e-Hind and Fitna of Khawarij in the light of Ahadees  
'Democracy' the greatest fitna of our time  
Time to put Israelin its place  
Chose to stand united of be annihilated  
The political anarchy threatening Pakistan's existance  
Leadership crisies in Muslim Ummah  
The only genuine revolution for Pakistan  
The test of the Ummah has begun...  
Its time for the real revolution "Khilafat e Rashida System"  
How 'Danday wali Sarkar' will fix Pakistan in 15 days  
Final battle for bringning the battle down  

The expected change in Pakistan's destiny  
The Gaza Massacre & role of Muslim Ummah  
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